[nagdu] Really? Come on man!

James Alan Boehm secretary at nfb-tn.org
Sat Oct 31 13:37:49 UTC 2015

I thought my voice over was making up stuff when I read my Nagdu digest this morning. I have one thing to say…Come on man! Really? Do you think your dog knows what is really going on? Do you think your dog knows what is play, what is fake and what is  real? Do you think your dog knows that if you scream or if others scream around you that it is not legit?  I know  taht we want to be able to bring our dogs anywhere we want to go. I understand that we want to experience things like anyone else. However,  with our rights and wants, come the need for discernment, wisdom, and reasonableness.Are we considering  what is best for our dog? I hope that if you decide to put your dog in such an enviornment that you please strongly consider the risks and affects that may occur to your dog. is it worth dramatizing your dog and compromising his future work so a few minutes of scares? Come on man.
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