[NAGDU] Zoom Alerts Quite annoying!

Raul A. Gallegos (NFB) rgallegos at nagdu.org
Tue Jul 14 17:17:57 UTC 2020

Hi, thanks to Susan for that. Another thing, if you are using the most 
current version of Jaws, there are special scripts, so you can press 
ALT+WINDOWS+S to do this. I use NVDA on Windows, so this will not work 
for me. The next best thing is to sign into your Zoom account and update 
your Zoom meeting settings to not play sounds of people leaving and 
joining the meeting. The speech will still speak these but the sounds 
will not play.

I hope this helps.

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On 7/14/2020 11:57 AM, Susan Jones via NAGDU wrote:
> This is the answer I received from Chris Nussbaum of Maryland:
> 2. As we enter larger and larger meetings throughout the week, screen
> readers will inundate us with notifications of people joining or leaving a
> meeting, among other alerts, unless we choose to temporarily mute our screen
> readers. In the case of iOS, VoiceOver will also read any closed captioning
> that is being provided, which can interfere with a participant's ability to
> hear the meeting. To mute these alerts on iOS, turn VoiceOver's speech off
> by doing a 3-finger double tap-that is, tap the screen twice with 3 fingers.
> On Windows, if you are using JAWS, press JAWS key + space, then press s
> after you hear the clicking sound. JAWS will say "speech on demand." You can
> also download an add-on which will allow you to have further control over
> the alerts you receive by visiting www.hartgen.org/zoom.
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> I use Jaws, and I sometimes turn off speech in Zoom.  Insert-space, then s.
> It says "speech on demand", so I think you can ask it to say something, but
> it doesn't automatically speak anything.
> With NVDA, I use insert-s to change to speech off or speech beeps.
> Tracy
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> Hey ya'll,
> How do I disable the alerts announcing who is entering and leaving?
> Pam Allen gave it out on one fo the Presidential releases and I have
> forgotten. If I have to listen to this constant chatter it won't be an
> enjoyable convention experience! Thanks for any help in advance!

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