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If you don't mind books generally for or about young people, here are a couple.

Follow my leader
Written in 1957 I think. Doesn't name any specific school, but if you've gone to a particular one you would recognize it by the street names. I read this book when I was seven, and though at the time, I had no idea what blind mobility and orientation was, I vowed right then that I would get one of those guide dogs someday. I had cane mobility from eight grade through graduating from high school, and my instructor knew I wanted to get a dog, some in the last year, she helped me learn some transition skills from a cane to a dog. I got my first dog, age 17, after high school, in 1975. All that nonsense to say this book inspired me and I never gave up on that dream. It also has a very positive view of blindness for the times.

Steve and the guide dogs
I don't know if this is available anymore, but this takes a different look at things and is about a teenage boy raising guide dog puppies.

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Hi all,
Re-posting as I realized that I forgot to change the greeting.
Do any of you know of any books on/about guide dogs that you'd recommend?
Preferibly non-fiction; I know there are ones about the different schools but I worry about current they are as things have likely changed. Just curious; look forward to any recommendations that any of you can provide me!! Thanks Madison _______________________________________________
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