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Do you know a budding writer?   Pass this along!
Lori Stayer

    Youth Writing Contest!

    The NFB Writers' Division is hosting a Youth Writing Contest to
    promote Braille literacy and excellence in creative writing. Entries
    will be judged on creativity and quality of Braille. We are looking
    for creative writing, in the form of fiction and poetry. There is no
    charge for entering.

    This is a contest for students who use Braille. Entries must Be
    submitted in hand embossed Braille, either on a slate and stylus or
    on a Braille writer. No computer Braille entries will be considered.
    Submissions must be Brailled by the entrant. Elementary students
    (K-5) may submit contracted Braille, uncontracted Braille, or an
    acceptable combination of the two. Students in higher grades will be
    expected to submit stories or poetry in contracted Braille.

    There are six categories, as follows: Elementary Fiction; Elementary
    Poetry; Middle School Fiction; Middle School Poetry; High School
    Fiction; High School Poetry. Elementary is K-5. Middle School is 6-8.
    High School is 9-12.

    The contest begins January first, and ends, postmarked date April
    first. There will be three cash prizes for each of the six
    categories. First prize per contest is $25. Second prize is $15 and
    third prize is $5. Submissions for fiction may not exceed one
    thousand words. Poetry may not exceed twenty lines. Authors may
    submit multiple entries and all work must be original and unpublished.

    Each entrant must provide an identical print copy for possible

    Entries must be accompanied by a cover sheet containing entrant's
    information: Name, address, phone, email, title of the entry, school
    and grade of entrant. Winners will be announced at our division
    meeting during the July 2009 NFB National convention held in Detroit,

    Send to Fred Wurtzel, 1212 N Foster, Lansing Michigan, 48912.

Questions? contact Fred Wurtzel at
f.wurtzel at comcast.net
or 517-485-0326

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