[Ncabs] Conference Call Part 2: let's make a baller seminar

Gary Ray ghraynfbofnc at charter.net
Mon Feb 27 01:22:16 UTC 2012

Gary Ray will be returning from Emerald Isle.  And, before anyone gives me shit, I was visiting a hotel as a possible site for an NFB of NC State convention, so I am on NFB business...what is that I hear in the back of the room?  Shut UP!  I am on Federation business and that is FINAL!

So, I'll miss the call.  I'll be in Raleigh starting on the 5th.  Justin will stay in touch with me if there are things I need to do from the Seminar site.

It will be a killer event!

I have agreed to put up $100 for the scholarship breakfast in Dallas.  I hope Cindy applies.  I hope some of the rest of you do, too.  Money to use for college, even if it is only for beer is essential.  Don't forget the state scholarship, too!



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Hello fellow blind students of NC and everyone else:

Last call we planned to have another meeting before our March call to discuss seminar stuff.

Important stuff:
Call will be tomorrow (February 27 2012)
Call starts at 9:30 pm
Number to dial is 712-432-3900 
Access Code is 3866158

We really need a strong turn out for this call, so please join us!

We unfortunately don't have anything like the scholarship speaker from last call to get all of you to come early. However, your very own NCABS officer  board (Justin S, Lea, Justin T, and Kevin) will all be there (the last one is me). So thats something to get excited about. We're actually there every call.

Thanks and have a great Sunday,


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