[Ncabs] January 14, 2013 Confrance call minutes

Veronica Puente brl3517 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 04:55:32 UTC 2013

Minutes for Confrance call of Monday January 14, 2013 starting time
9:30 P.M.  ending time 10:28 P.M.
  Thanks for everyone who came to our first meeting of 2013 it was
great  having all of you there!

President  Alan chase
First vice President  Kevin Currin
Secretary Veronica Puente
 Sharen Newton
President's Report Alan is still working on the mentor program as well
as the student seminar along with the Second President Bobbi. Second,
1st Vice President's Report Kevin is talking to some of the sponsors
for the students seminars. He is also trying to bring back the
philosophy questions we use to have.
Third, Treasurer's Report We have about $2223 as a right now.
Fourth, Washington Seminar Alan is going and at first we had said that
$300 would be given to two people who were going, but Alan is the only
one going so $150 is going to be given to him. This is going to save
us the other half $150.
 Fift, Scholarship Program The NFB has a scholarship program for
college students or soon to be college students as well. If you or
anyone  you know want to apply go to www.nfb.org/scholarships and
apply soon! You can also go to our site www.ncabs.org and find it
under important links good luck!
 Sixth, Mentoring Program alan has about eight to nine people who
would like to be mentors. So we need to start looking for some
students who might want a mentor. If you or anyone you know would like
to be part of this program please contact Alan.
Seventh, EYE Retreat This is a week summer program for High School
students or college students who might want to know more about college
life. The program is going to take place in Raleigh from July 29 to
the third of August. Contact Alan for more information about the
Eighth, Budget,  Alan came out with this plan to make sure that we
know how and where we are  going to use our money. Washington Seminar
$300, National convension $600, State convension, $200, Student
Seminars 100 dollars each. If you have any questions please feel freed
to email us at ncabs at nfbnet.org and we will get back to you.
Again thanks to everyone who came and please please remember that we
are going to have an extra meeting on Monday January 28 to talk about
the student Seminars. We hope to see you there!

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