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Urgent request! Save VR dollars in stimulus package. Here is the latest 
alert. The Collins-Nelson amendment of late last night would strip the 
stimulus package of the $500 million which was to be included to support Voc 
Rehab programs. Please call your United States senators! Call their local 
office if you can't get through to the local office. The economic stimulus 
package should morally include the building of job opportunities and full 
inclusion of the blind and persons with disabilities. Please tell your 
senators to oppose the Collins-Nelson amendment.

Last night, moderate Senators (Democratic and Republican) negotiated an 
amendment to the economic recovery legislation that may be considered today. 
The amendment eliminates the $500 million in funds for State Vocational 
Rehabilitation Grants.

Anyone who cares about the availability of this funding to prevent use of 
Randolph-Sheppard set-aside funds to close budget gaps should call their 
Senators' offices TODAY.

The Senate Operator's line has been very busy and difficult to get through. 
If you want to try, the number is 202-224-3121.

You can look up direct phone numbers for the Washington DC or local offices 
at the following website:
You may have more luck getting through to the district office than to the DC 
office, though the staff who will advise Senators how to vote on the 
amendment are located in DC.  As a constituent, you can also send emails 
from the Senators' websites.

Please call both Senate offices TODAY.  If you have already called, call 
again.  Leave the following message with the receptionist who answer the 
- your name
- the town where you live
- "I am calling to urge my Senator to vote no on the Nelson-Collins 
amendment that eliminates the $500 million for vocational rehabilitation 
state grants."

Catriona Macdonald


Linchpin Strategies, LLC

700 12th St. NW, Suite 700

Washington, DC 20005

866-443-0998 MAIN

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CMacdonald at LinchpinStrategies.com

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