[New-hampshire-students] [nabs-l] law school admissions test

Scott C. LaBarre slabarre at labarrelaw.com
Tue Jan 13 04:24:57 UTC 2009


We are collecting information regarding the 
experience of blind and visually impaired 
students applying for and taking the law school 
admissions test.  For anyone who is currently 
going through the process or has done so in the 
last couple of years, I would like you to contact 
me off list at the information below because we 
have a brief survey we would like to have you 
complete.  Some of you have already done this, 
but please contact me to amke sure we have your 
information.  Please also forward this email to 
anyone to whom you think it may apply.  Thanks in advance for your help.
Scott C. LaBarre, Esq.

LaBarre Law Offices P.C.
1660 South Albion Street, Ste. 918
Denver, Colorado 80222
303 504-5979 (voice)
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slabarre at labarrelaw.com (e-mail)
www.labarrelaw.com (website)

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