[New-hampshire-students] One Million for Literacy

Bowman, Kristi KBowman at nfb.org
Fri Jan 30 04:26:22 UTC 2009

                                 2008-09 Imagination Fund Campaign

One Million for Literacy

       This year's NFB Imagination Fund campaign will continue to 
build on our past success and will expand our effort to the largest 
campaign yet.  During this campaign cycle our focus is on continuing 
to give our Imaginators a variety of tools to solicit contributions 
and promote the ongoing work of the Federation.  Additionally, we 
want to leverage our Imagination Fund work as an opportunity to 
promote the NFB's leadership in Braille literacy.  The NFB has 
launched the largest campaign for Braille literacy ever undertaken, 
and the NFB Imagination Fund is an important way for you to encourage 
friends, family, business associates, and members of the public to 
contribute to new opportunities by giving to the Imagination Fund.

       Some members have asked about the distinction between our work 
in the Imagination Fund and our work in 2009 around the Braille 
literacy campaign.  Think of it in this way:

- Imagination Fund: Widening our circle of support by encouraging 
those outside the Federation to support the important work we are 
doing by giving financial contributions.

- Braille literacy campaign: Creating widespread public awareness 
about Braille, encouraging people to purchase the U.S. Louis Braille 
Commemorative Silver Dollar, and building awareness of the leadership 
of the Federation.

       In other words, in terms of fundraising we want NFB members to 
focus on securing support for the Imagination Fund.  And, of course, 
the dollars contributed to the NFB Imagination Fund will support our 
Braille literacy effort by building:

- the initiatives of the NFB Jernigan Institute, including innovative 
research, education, and technology development related to Braille literacy;
- Braille outreach programs developed by NFB affiliates to address 
specific Braille literacy concerns in local communities;
- leadership and support in local chapters to provide mentoring to 
newly blind individuals and families with blind children; and
- previously unimagined programs to change what it means to be blind.

       Yes, you are right, the NFB does need to provide matching 
funds in order to secure funds generated from the sale of the Louis 
Braille coin.  However, we are making specific outreach efforts to 
corporations, foundations, and other large donors to secure those 
funds.  This is largely being managed by the national office and the 
Braille literacy team headed by Fred Schroeder.  If you know of 
funding sources that you can secure to support the Braille literacy 
initiative, you should contact Dr. Schroeder so he can work with you 
to follow up.  Otherwise, NFB members should focus their individual 
fundraising efforts on the Imagination Fund culminating in our Motor 
City March for Independence in Detroit.

       The pending release of the U.S. Louis Braille commemorative 
coin, and our public outreach around Braille literacy provides a 
perfect vehicle to talk to members of the public about Braille 
literacy and encourage them to support us.  Thus, NFB members should 
continue to see the NFB Imagination Fund as our primary way to bring 
new dollars of support to our movement.  This year we will raise one 
million dollars and at the same time we will forever change Braille 
literacy in this country.

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