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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Feb 25 01:13:14 UTC 2010

Ed,  Why would you post a message like this on multiple public lists, 
with public archives?  Like most things, it probably isn't as bad as it sounds!

David Andrews, List Owner

At 11:46 AM 2/23/2010, Ed Meskys wrote:
>I just found out that the nfb of nh state board has completely 
>collapsed and only one plans to stand for re-election at our annual 
>meeting on May 15. Our board meeting this Saturday is to discuss 
>winding down the affiliate, as no one is willing to take charge.
>We have two surviving chapters. Where will this leave us? My 
>chapter, Lakes Region, is viable but only a very few members are 
>interested in state and national issues, and most do not participate 
>at the state or national level. Are there people in the recently 
>re-organized Monodnock Chapter or the Student Division who can do 
>anything on the state or national level?
>And how will we function without a viable state affiliate.
>Communications have been so negative that it is hard to build any 
>enthusiasm for getting anything done.
>When I became state president in 1988 I got 100 people to our state 
>convention. I was president off and on for 10 years, but now I am 
>too old and tired. I will be 74 years old in a half month, and can 
>no longer do it.
>We used to get praise from the Maine and Vermont affiliates for 
>having such a good state organization, and they expressed jealousy 
>at how well our board worked together.
>Oh, and can anyone suggest how we do go about winding our affiliate 
>down, and what should happen to the two viable chapters and the 
>student division?
>Ed Meskys
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