[New-hampshire-students] chocolate time

Ed Meskys edmeskys at roadrunner.com
Thu Nov 11 02:08:53 UTC 2010

I have sold just about all of the chocolate on behalf of the Lakes Region 
Chapter. I will be placing a new order. All cases cost $25 and sell for $50, 
giving a $25 profit. I am ordering some for Lakes Region. I am asking 
individuals to buy cases or half cases to use as stocking stuffers, favors, 
etc., paying full price with the profit going to the Lakes Region Chapter or 
the state affiliate, your choice. Or individual chapters or the state 
affiliate can order cases at the wholesale price, and sell them for the 
benefit of the group.

If the order is for less than 40 cases there will be a shipping charge, to 
be divided equally between the cases. I do not expect to reach that large an 
order unless you know of some other group which could go in with us.

Here is what we can choose from

Mint Meltaways, cases of 25, which sell for $2 each. I will split a box in 
half on request.
Carmel Worls, 25 boxes which sell for $2 each. same as above.

chocolate covered almonds, 25 boxes at $2, same conditions.

cases of 50 assorted chocolate bars, plain milk, dark with almond, milk with 
almond, milk with crispies, milk with soft Carmel, and plain milk. sell for 

case of 50 milk with almond, case easily broken in half

case of 50 with crisp, cases easily broken in half

case of 50 milk with soft Carmel, case easily broken in half.

I want to place the order this week, so please let me know by the 17th.

Ed Meskys 

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