[New-hampshire-students] Telling Your Story: An Introduction

Joe Orozco jsorozco at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 21:33:29 UTC 2010

Attention NFB Leaders:

If you are committed to the long-term strength of your chapter, affiliate or
division, this message is for you.  On January 10 at 8:30 PM Eastern,
AlphaComm Strategies is hosting a telephone workshop on how to tell your
story to the community at large.  This workshop is a part of our first
special project, Operation Checkmate.

For our purposes, "telling your story" goes beyond repeating the NFB's
mission statement.  A good narrative unites your membership, attracts new
recruits, solidifies your partnerships, and diversifies your funding
prospects.  Learn how to:

* take stock of your existing strengths and weaknesses;
* evaluate what you can offer and how it stacks up to competing
* examine the community in which you operate;
* energize your core base of workers;
* use their talents to cultivate strong talking points; and
* use this communication to generate compelling events, grant proposals and
public awareness campaigns.

Your registration is required to generate a roster of participants for the
workshop.  The most effective presentations actively engage individual
audience members, and you should expect to be randomly called upon to help
explore real world, concrete examples.  Of the people who register, one
organization will be chosen with permission to serve as a case study for the
discussion.  We will not shine a spotlight on the organization.  Rather, we
will use it as a common reference point on which to leverage some of our
analysis.  After the call, confirmed attendees will receive an informative
packet of resources with more information on how to jumpstart some of the
ideas discussed at the meeting.

Note:  This is not an informal social call.  Participants should come
prepared to discuss the serious business of ensuring the lasting momentum of
your specific group and the vitality of the NFB as a whole.  Only the most
dedicated members are welcomed, and to that end, we are intentionally not
offering a future recording of the conversation.  Come prepared to take
copious notes.  If you cannot attend yourself, please feel free to ask
someone to register and participate on your chapter, affiliate or division's
behalf using the link below.

It's not about standing out from the competition.  It's about eliminating
it.  It's not about hoping for a streak of success.  It's about creating it,
and if you are fully committed to transforming your organization from good
to great, your colleagues will await your presence at a call you absolutely
cannot miss.  Don't let the introductory nature of this call fool you.  For
us, it is the beginning of a longer effort to let people know that the
various groups of the NFB have something to offer, and they will be heard!

Yours in service,

Joe Orozco, Managing Director
AlphaComm Strategies

Learn about Operation Checkmate and register here:


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