[New-hampshire-students] accident

Ed Meskys edmeskys at roadrunner.com
Sun Oct 3 19:59:11 UTC 2010

Yesterday, en route to a Tom Paxton concert in Vermont, we had an accident
and our car probably was totaled. No one or animal was hurt. But we will be
without a car for some time, and cannot guarantee to fulfill any
commitments. Tomorrow we will hear from our insurance adjuster, but as we
did not have collision we will probably get little help.

Fortunately this happened only ten minutes from Fred Lerner's home, and he
rescued us, he and Sheryl fed us, and put us up overnight, and he drove us
home this morning.

Does anyone in central NH know of a place where we can rent an older car at
lower cost? We do not need a 2011 car with all accessories from Hertz, but
would love to find a small local business which would rent us a car which is
a few years old.

We were planning to make some longer trips later this year, and all are off
for now. We have to decide whether to drive or use public transportation.

Ed & Sandy Meskys

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