[New-hampshire-students] nabs membership conference calls today!

Darian Smith dsmithnfb at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 17:35:38 UTC 2011

Hi all,
  Just a quick reminder that we will be having two conference calls
today! (well, maybe one and a half, if you   want to think about it
that way).
  the first  call is at 6:30 ET or3:30 PT (depending on the coast),
and will be a continuation of the summer programs call. We will have
BLIND inc and LCB reps on  for your benifit.  They will talk about
their summer programs for blind middle, high school and college youth.

 The second call, to begin at 7p.m. ET, or 4p.m. PT (again, depending
on your  coastal bias) will  mark the return of the training centers
call.  This call will be  for those who are interested in  learning
more about the three nfb training centers known as   The Louisiana
Center for the Blind, The Colorado Center for the Blind, and Blindness
Learning in New Dimensions Incorporated (BLIND Inc).

 We are excited to  have  current  students from these three
world-class training facilities  as  our guest speakers, who will
share their stories and answer your questions about  the challanges
and  expiriences of   training center life.
 So please come with your questions,  and come ready to have them
answered!  We are looking forward to having you  on this call!
  to recap:
 what?: Summer programs: a conference call pt. 2 and Training centers
conference call: the sequel -
Who?:sponsored  by the National Association of Blind students  (via
the nabs membership committee)
When?: today! March 27th at 6:30 ET
Where?:conference call!  (712) 775- 7100 passcode: 257 963
Why?: Because We  in the National Federation of the blind believe that
success as a blind person means mastery of the  skills of blindness,
and these centers are a great way to pick up some pretty awesome
alternitive techniques!  (and you know you want your monthly fix of
nabs awesomeness too!)

  See you there,
  The nabs membership committee.

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