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Subject: 2012 NABS Candidates' Form! You Won't want to Miss it!
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Hi All!
Now that you have taken a breath from the rigors of the academic year,
one of the highlights of the summer is rapidly approaching. That is
the NFB national convention! And with convention of course, comes the
National Association of Blind Students annual business meeting! The
meeting is not only comprised of  many fun, informative and engaging
presentations; but elections will also take place then.
The positions that are up for re-election this year are that of
President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and two board members.
Some of you will of course be wondering how in the world you will know
who to vote for if you don't really know the candidates. The answer is
the 2012 NABS Candidates forum!
1. How it works.
The candidates for the executive positions,which are,  President, Vice
President, and Secretary will all participate in a debate-like
teleconference before elections.

2. Who makes up the questions?
You do. If you visit:

You will be able to enter questions for each of the positions.
3. When will it be.
Wednesday Jun. 27th at 8 PM EST.
4. Where?
1 (619) 326-2700
access code
5. What if I want to run?
If you would like to run for one of the thee above mentioned
positions, and participate in the forum, please contact me no later
than Friday 22 by midnight.
Anyone can submit questions, and they are totally anonymous! So, put
your thinking caps on, and get ready to challenge your future student
So that's all. Please post your questions up, and call in on
Wednesday. if you have questions, comments, concerns, please email me.
Mary Fernandez
Emory 2012
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Darian Smith

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