[Nfb-announce] Service release 2 for DBT 11.1 available

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu May 5 15:42:22 CDT 2011

>Dear duxnews and duxuser listers,
>The second service release for DBT 11.1, i.e. DBT 11.1 SR2, has been 
>released and is now available on the Web for downloading to update 
>existing DBT 11.1 installations.  Users of DBT 11.1 should select 
>"Help / Check for Updates" to obtain this free update.
>Those with existing licenses for versions prior to 11.1 can use 
>Help/Check for Updates (Alt-H-U) to download DBT 11.1 and check if 
>their licenses are within the eligibility period for receiving DBT 
>11.1 as a free update. Those with licenses outside of the 
>eligibility period can run DBT 11.1 as a time-limited trial for up to 45 days.
>DBT 11.1 can also be downloaded from our main web site home page:
>  http://www.duxburysystems.com
>The DBT 11.1 download will run as a demo version for those without a license.
>This is primarily a maintenance release, but addresses the following issues:
>-- The DBT table formatter now handles tabular input from Scientific 
>Notebook and Infty Reader.
>-- Reliability while switching between print and braille views of 
>tabular material has been improved.
>-- Arabic braille-to-print now supports contracted braille.
>-- Mathematics braille translation for British, American, and UEB 
>math has been improved.
>-- Dzongkha table now includes the 2010 Code Revision.
>-- Tamil table has minor improvements.
>-- Armenian (Eastern and Western) print-to-braille translations have 
>more improvements.
>-- JAWS scripts have stability and usability improvements: the 
>translated line voice has been set to be a bit slower than the 
>normal reading voice.
>-- Nippon Telesoft "Super Gemini" embosser is supported. This unit 
>embosses braille and prints inkprint for many languages.
>-- The DBT Installer improves the migration of embosser definitions 
>"for all users" from previous DBT versions for Windows operating 
>systems with user account controls (Vista and Windows 7).
>Note: Installations on servers, where only slsService is used, 
>should forgo updating the server to SR2. There's no point, because 
>slsService.exe hasn't changed. So the server can go on running SR1 
>while clients update to SR2.
>For a more detailed list, see http://www.duxburysystems.com/dbtwhst.asp.
>Regards to all,
>Joe Sullivan
>President, Duxbury Systems, Inc.
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