[NFB-Braille-Discussion] Planning Another Nls Braille Summit

Roanna Bacchus rbacchus228 at gmail.com
Mon May 27 15:13:19 UTC 2019

Dear List Members,

My name is Roanna Bacchus, and I am totally blind. I have been on the Napub list for a few years. Recently I was reading the report about the Nls Braille summit that held on the campus of the Perkins School For The Blind in Watertown, Massachusetts in June of 2013. Since this conference took place six years ago, many developments have taken place in regards to braille. Do any of you think it is time for another Nls braille summit? If so, where could it be held? What should the theme be? Who would organize this conference? Which blindness organizations would be willing to participate in this effort? What role would the Nfb play? I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Roanna Bacchus

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