[NFB-Braille-Discussion] UEB and italics

Allison Hilliker AllisonH at Benetech.org
Fri Nov 8 17:24:22 UTC 2019

I love this question! I’m not sure anyone has ever asked me this before, but yes I have some.

BRL is a favorite. Just because it feels good to say, type, touch, etc. Plus I love that our own braille code has its own unique contraction. I like the feel/sound of short forms in general, like ll for little, bl for blind, and gd for good. They just seem efficient and cozy to me. Like the letters are snuggling, while they save me space and time.

Aside from that, I liked the ation contraction, and I miss it in UEB! LOL. And ow, ar, gh, and th because they’re pretty.

Random preferences I know, but there you have it.


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What is everyone's favorite Braille contraction?
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Hi All,

Can someone please explain UEB rules around emphasis marks - italics? I sometimes see a dot 3 after a 4 6, is that an error, is that normal, or does it vary?


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