[NFB-Braille-Discussion] updating the braille Ereader

Ken Lawrence kenlawrence124 at aol.com
Sun Nov 28 16:48:40 UTC 2021

Hi list I still can’t get my NLS braille ereader online I don’t want to send it back to replace it unless there is no other option. So had a thought. Is there any way to download the firmware update to a computer or a thumb drive and get it to the reader manually. I’m thinking that a software update will fix my problem. What I’m thinking of doing since I don’t have a thumbdrive connecting the reader to my computer with USB and moving an update from my computer to the reader. I’m thinking that I can update the reader the same way the digitle talking book player is updated loading the update into the book list of the reader then make it read with auto scroll. Any thoughts.  

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