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Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss


The February issue of
=78a56969d7&e=c806462bb1> AccessWorld is now available on our website.

This issue features: 

=18c2a614c2&e=c806462bb1> AccessWorld Recognizes February as Low Vision
Awareness Month and Encourages Seniors to Adopt Technology


*	Smartphone Apps for People New to Vision Loss, by Bill Holton
This article will take you on an app tour that highlights what we consider
the most essential apps for visually impaired smartphone users, including
seniors. Unless noted otherwise the apps included here are available for iOS
and Android, and many have been reviewed in previous AccessWorld issues.


*	ATIA at a Glance: What We Saw at the 2018 Assistive Technology
Industry Association Conference, by J.J. Meddaugh
At the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) annual conference, I
took some time to walk the floor of the exhibit hall, which included several
interesting new finds and updates to existing technologies. From smart
glasses to smartphones, perhaps there's a product here for you.


*	Amazon Echo: Toy or Tool?, by Jamie Pauls
In this article, I will be exploring Amazon's Echo which has no screen and
is operated almost entirely by voice. The Echo connects via the Internet to
Alexa, Amazon's voice-activated digital assistant and can perform a wide
array of actions.


*	Project Ray: It's a Feature Phone--No, It's a Smartphone!, by Bill
In this article, I will explore a software solution called RAY Vision
combined with optional hardware. Together these form a device that is a
feature phone and a smartphone you can switch between as your needs and
ability change.


*	The iPhone X for People with Visual Impairments: Face ID, New
Gestures, and Useful Commands, by Janet Ingber
I am very happy with the iPhone X. The initial period of frustration went
away quickly and I find Face ID more reliable than Touch ID. I upgraded from
an iPhone 6 to the X and am very pleased with the new and improved features
and ease of use.


*	Keeping It Portable: Comparing Braille Displays on iOS Devices, Part
IV, by Scott Davert
In the previous installments of this series, I reviewed six different
braille displays for their usability on iOS. This article will wrap up the
series and provide direct comparisons of each display covered.


*	An Exploration and Review of the Blaze ET Multi-Player from HIMS, by
Aaron Preece
In this article, I will be exploring the various features of the Blaze ET
book and media player from HIMS. I'll evaluate its capability regarding
online content, ease of use, and OCR capabilities.


*	Raise Your Pulse While Waking Up in The Morning With The TCL Pulse,
by Scott Davert
After having the TCL Pulse for two years, I've found it to be the most
reliable and cost-effective solution for waking up as a person who is
deaf-blind. Since I've been using the TCL Pulse, it has failed to wake me
twice while serving its purpose very successfully over 200 times.


=c5943c4c90&e=c806462bb1> AccessWorld News


*	Letters to the Editor


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