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Attached is the notice for Creating Options.  Would you please send it out
on the list serve.  Thhanks.  Have a great day.


Nancy Burns





Once a person experiences vision loss so much energy is focused on vision
that frequently the other senses are ignored.  Hearing, touch, taste, and
smell generally become more important.  Some will say that if an individual
experiences low vision that the other senses become better.  Others will
argue that they simply become more useful.  Regardless of where you stand on
this issue, there is much to be said about exploring the possibilities of
the remaining senses.  

Creating Options is a support group which, as the name suggests, looks at
all possible options.  This group meets the third Wednesday of each month
from 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon.  Bring in any concerns you might have as a
person with vision loss and discuss them in a friendly setting.  

New Mexico Commission for the Blind

2200 Yale Blvd. SE

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Facilitated by Nancy and Don Burns

   Friends and family are always welcome as we enjoy meaningful discussions
over coffee and cookies.   

This group will meet in the Skills Center Kitchen.  Parking is available on
south side of building.  You can enter the building at the Skills Center
entrance located northeast area of parking lot.       





Best wishes,


Tonia Trapp, secretary

National Federation of the Blind of New Mexico

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