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Micah Yabeny writes:
Hello Everyone,
I am in the process of writing an audio drama. This story is an emotional
rollercoaster on a mountain near a rez. Next year, I'll be self-publishing.
Here is an excerpt from a piece of the story, also keep in mind that this
particular character is underage and overweight with diabetes:
"Greta bursts out of the shadows, cold sweat beading on her forehead.
Barefoot, her clothing a mess of blood. She sprints left and right, avoiding
stalactites in the dense cavern.
Another pair of footsteps echoes behind her. Feet padding after her like a
rapidly spinning music box.
Her breathing elevates as she hurdles through tight squeezes, smearing the
fresh blood on the walls. The friction rips her garments as she slams her
way pass.
The echoing behind grows ever more closer.
Greta turns a dark corner and slides to a halt. The mouth of the cavern is
mere feet above her, the ancient wooden bridge that helped her and her
friends to enter is now hanging loosely on the other side.
The echoing behind her soon becomes clear. It slows as it turns the corner.
Greta closes her eyes, tears stream as if they were part of the Niagara...
She jumps into the vast open emptiness of the blackness below."
Come next year at Halloween, a newfound piece of psychological terror shall
be hitting audible!
Best wishes,
Tonia Trapp, secretary
National Federation of the Blind of New Mexico
nfbnewmexicosecretary at gmail.com
Live the life you want.
The National Federation of the Blind is a community of members and friends
who believe in the hopes and dreams of the nation's blind. Every day we work
together to help blind people live the lives they want.
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