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Best wishes,
Tonia Trapp, secretary
National Federation of the Blind of New Mexico
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Subject: 2020 White Cane Safety Day Proclamation Issued by Governor Michelle
Lujan Grisham
Importance: High
Each year the Governor of the State of New Mexico issues an annual White
Cane Safety Day Proclamation declaring October 15 as White Cane Safety Day.
The Proclamation for 2020 is attached. New Mexico adopted the "Model White
Cane Law" in 1967, making New Mexico the first state to adopt the Model
White Cane Law. We must remember that prior to the passage of this law, a
blind person traveling on the streets and sidewalks was deemed to be at
fault if they were injured in a traffic accident while using a white cane,
no matter how at fault or negligent the driver might have been. Please join
with me as we recognize this vital tool of independence and equality.   
The White Cane Law states as follows:  
28-7-6.   Annual proclamation of white cane safety day by governor.
Each year, the governor shall take suitable public notice of October 15 as
white cane safety day.  The governor shall issue a proclamation in which the
  A. comments upon the significance of the white cane;
  B. calls upon the citizens of the state to observe the provisions of the
White Cane Law [28-7-1 to 28-7-7 NMSA 1978] and to take precautions
necessary to the safety of persons with a disability;
  C. reminds the citizens of the state of the policies with respect to
persons with a disability declared in the White Cane Law and urges the
citizens to cooperate in giving effect to them; and
  D. emphasizes the need of the citizens to be aware of the presence of
persons with a disability in the community and to keep streets, highways,
sidewalks, walkways, public buildings, public facilities, other public
places, places of public accommodation, amusement and resort and other
places to which the public is invited safe and functional and to offer
assistance to persons with a disability upon appropriate occasions.
Greg Trapp, JD
Executive Director
New Mexico Commission for the Blind
2200 Yale Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
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