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Superintendent Position:
How to Apply

Application Process: 
The application process for the position of Superintendent of the New Mexico
School for the Blind and Visually Impaired consists of two mandatory steps:
1.	Submission of a notice of intent to apply:  Please click on this
link and complete the form "Letter of Intent to Apply
<https://files.gabbart.com/1924/letter_of_intent_to_apply.docx> " along with
a resume.  
            Due Date:  5:00 pm MST on 10/27/23 
2.	Completion of Application Packet:  Due date:  5:00 pm MST on
Both steps are required to be completed by their respective due dates in
order to be considered for the position.
Application Packet: 
Please send letter of interest with a brief summary of your qualifications
and background, an application for employment
on_Licensed_RevisedJune09.pdf> , resume, official graduate and undergraduate
transcripts, applicable licenses and certificates (letter of interest and
summary of your qualifications and background must be in a format accessible
by screen readers).  In your letter of interest, please address your
experience in the following areas:
*	Developing and administering the educational programming and
policies for students who are visually impaired.  Include your years of
experience, the complexity, size, and level (state, regional, school
district, school, etc) of the program and any relevant licenses that you
have obtained.
*	Working in or managing educational programming and policies in
residential programs, special day programs, resource rooms, outreach
services, etc.  Include your specific role, years of experience, specific
program/issues addressed (such as visual impairment), the complexity, and
size of the program.
All materials must be submitted electronically vhernandez at nmsbvi.k12.nm.us
<mailto:vhernandez at nmsbvi.k12.nm.us>  Attention: Human Resources.
Deadline to submit Application Packet:  5:00 pm MST   11/10/23
NM Public Education Licensure: 
For information regarding New Mexico licensure including reciprocity you may
visit https://webnew.ped.state.nm.us/bureaus/licensure/.
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