[nfb-talk] New List for Blind Conservatives

Amelia Dickerson ameliadickerson at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 19:08:52 CDT 2010

Part of the reason there is so much bickering is because no single
solution exists. Private has its benefits and government has it
benefits. Let's pick out what is actually working and stop talking
about things theoretically. Some of the more socialist countries with
better education and health systems with lower infant mortality rates
are also places that are far less diverse than the U.S. Part of the
reason why our students do worse as compared to those in other
countries is because we educate all of our kids. We educate the ones
with cognitive delays, with all kinds of disabilities, who come from
poor families, and we count them all in our testing, not to mention
that we have kids  coming from all over the place and whom we educate.
Some of those European countries are Encountering greater  diversity
than they have in the past and they are facing more of the issues the
U.S. faces. There are problems to every solution, and that's why doing
things locally is preferrable in my mind- it allows for a variety of
approaches to best answer specific needs.

Amelia Dickerson

What counts can't always be counted, and what can be counted doesn't
always count.
Albert Einstein

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