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I know. Just as I said that I wasn't having a problem, the stream dropped 
out. So I spoke too soon. Go NFB! Tell us more about the differences in 
conventions Mike. Thanks.
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Greetings from Phoenix,

There are indeed only around 400 or 500 people in the audience.  I am now
back in my room and listening on ACB radio.  The ACB has been streaming and
such for several years.  They do know how to do it and have put an effort
over the years into making streaming work.

However, I just encountered a dropout here as well.

Mike Hingson

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I am currently, just for the sake of comparison, listening to the ACB
convention opening session on ACB radio. There are no drop-outs, no loss of
signal, but it sounds as though maybe 400-500 people are in the
audience--only based on what I can hear. I think it would be phenomenal if
someone knowledgeable in the streaming process could help our NFB be better
able to stream our convention. Our National Convention was so exciting! I
believe that if it could be streamed in its entirety, it would encourage
those who have not attended to want to attend a convention. Is there anyone
who could maybe talk to the ACB folks and find out how they do such a good
job streaming their convention? Attending our convention in Dallas, I found
it to be inspirational and though much of it will be put on the convention
issue of the Monitor, I would hope that in future, especially for the
banquet and the Presidential Report, the convention could be streamed via
audio to those who will not be able to attend.

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