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Steve Johnson stevencjohnson at centurytel.net
Mon Jul 12 19:21:48 CDT 2010

John, I have not tried one myself yet, so this is good to know.  Thanks,

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Man, I just got one of those new digital book players from the National
Library Service.  You might wonder why a computer nerd like myself took so
long to ask for one of those things. Well, I guess mostly the reason is that
I have 2 tape players that I bought myself plus the one from NLS. So now I
have to use the player from the NLS all of the time.

But holy cow, is this thing nice. I downloaded a book and put it on a USB
thumb drive and was listening to a book amybe 3 minutes after getting
started. And navigation within the book is very nice.

Your tax dollars at work.

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