[nfb-talk] philosophy taken to another level then?

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I am new to this thread -- I just finished reading the 56 messages in this 
thread and have been laughing my sides off...  I'll have to warn my mother 
about putting pancake mix in the wash...lol

On the subject of everyone (not just blind) making inane mistakes too, I 
remember many times growing up that Mom would tell me not to get my fingers 
in the door jam, only to turn around and slam the door on her own fingers. 
She actually had a broken thumb once doing that with the car door.  I have 
only seldom done something catastrophic due to carelessness.  The times I 
have gotten in accidents because of carelessness only serve to make me the 
more careful. This principle also applies in other situations.  For example, 
in my first digital logic class in college, I had to build some rather large 
and complex circuits with wire and electronic chips.  I would go to the lab 
to work on my project and would invariably finish my project in half the 
time of most the class, as they were carelessly poking wires in as quickly 
as possible, only to pull them all out and start over a couple of times. I 
took great care in getting it right the first time, if possible, as I know 
that with all that wire, I would never be able to trace a problem to fix a 

So, instead of saying about a simple task "even a blind person could do it", 
a more apt saying would be "even a sighted person could do it without 
looking".  (That would indeed be a simple task...*smile*)

One problem I ran into, besides all the little embarrassments like pouring 
apple juice on my cereal), is the problem of blind persons being easier 
targets for crime or pranks.  I had an annoying incident one year on 
halloween, passing out the candy to the kids coming to the door.  There was 
a large group of them, and I was able to see their bags as they held them up 
to my face, and I put a couple of bars in each bag, but then after filling 7 
or 8 bags with kids still coming up, I began to wonder how many kids there 
were.  Just then one little child in the back shouted "when am I gonna get 
my candy?" It became obvious that 2 of the kids in front were taking turns 
putting their bags up and I, not seeing, thought they were different kids. 
I shewed the culprits away and handed the rest of the bag to the patient 
little kid in the back (hopefully), and shut the door, not to open it again, 
as they had taken all my candy.
Anyway, there are worse crimes in the world, but it just made me angry.
How can a blind person protect against mistreatment (pranks or crime)?
Once in the dorm cafeteria in college, I got my lunch and sat down, and was 
about to put a spoon of jello salad in my mouth when a man came over and 
said "excuse me, but I thought I'd better tell you there's a fly in your 
jello".  I took the jello and told the cashier.  She took the dish and gave 
me a refund.  She never did say whether there was really a fly there.  And 
thus I never knew if the guy who told me about it was playing a prank.
Oh well.

There was one year when the other students on my floor were particularly 
crazy about playing pranks -- but I did my best to be absent and not 
participate, not because I wouldn't have loved to have played a few pranks 
on some of those girls, but once you start, you have to deal with the 
punishment, and that never stops. They had a penalty for getting caught 
playing a prank -- the prankster would be carried to campus and have their 
head dunked in the fountain.  I have medical problems that would have made 
that extremely dangerous. So I just stayed quiet and chuckled at the 
insanity on the floor.

Sorry this is rambling. I just couldn't resist this thread. Now back to 
reading my backlog of mail.

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Dear All,

I am sure this is all funny to you all, but could you all take this off list
now.  I am tired of all the one line answers filling up my in box.
Thank You,

David Evans, NFBF and GD Jack.
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> Then did the sighted guy look after that not trusting the blind loll.
> Wow glad he was OK over all.
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