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Hello everyone: 

The At-Large-Chapter April minutes are below my signature. 

Looking forward to hearing from all of you tonight. 

Tina Thomas-At-Large-Chapter-Secretary 


Subject: At-Large-chapter meeting minutes 


At-Large-Chapter meeting Minutes April 15/2020 


Meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM By President Cathy Gaten. 


Members present: Cathy Gaten, Carmen Weatherly, Rochelle Houston, Ever
Hairston, Barbara Ford, Isabel Ybarra, Katrina Martinez, Rolly Abaraca,Jim
Tiao,Toby Wiseman, Tina Thomas 


The NFB pledge was recited by all members present. 


Minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved with one correction
(Jeanette Torres was appointed Board Member by President Gaten. 


Treasurer's Report: 

Beginning balance: $747.95 

Ending balance: $878.87 


Chapter Business: 


The National Presidential Release was play followed by questions and
discussion concerning our National convention going virtual.    


State convention: 

There was a brief discussion concerning State convention. If we would have
an in-person meeting or would it be virtual. As of now, we don't have an
answer being that California is still under stay at home orders. 


Fund Raising: 

Due to CV19 our fund raising efforts have to be modified to fit in with the
times, so President Gaten asked everyone to come up with some different fund
raising ideas for the chapter. 


Staying connected: 

President Gaten asked if the chapter would like to have some virtual events,
such as A book club circle, exercise classes and Barbara Ford offered to
teach line dancing classes for the chapter. 


Meeting was adjourned at 9:06PM. 


Respectively submitted by Tina Thomas-At-Large-Chapter-Secretary         


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