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Hello Everyone: 

Here are the meeting minutes for our October 15,2020 At-Large-chapter meeting. 


At-Large-Chapter meeting minutes-10,15,2020 

Meeting was called to order at 7:05PM by President Cathy Gaten 

Meeting Attendies: Cathy G,Carmen W, Toby w,Katrena M, Steve M, Laura M, Issabel Y, Tina T, Robert S, Ever H. 

Previous meeting minutes: Minutes were sent out via email and a motion was made by Carmen and seconded by Robert to approve minutes as read 

Treasurer’s report: 

Presidential Release highlights: NFB National President Mark Riccobono discussed Meet the Blind Month and that activities involving  affiliate chapters and divisions would be posted on the NFB website. www.nfb.org <http://www.nfb.org> . Accessible voting was also discussed. President Riccobono encouraged everyone to get out and vote, using all the accessible formats available. President Riccobono also informed us, that there will be a voter survey emailed to all of our NFB listservs, as well as available on the NFB website. Also, NFB has worked out a deal with Lift and Uber on election day and the ride to and from the voting poles will be free. Lastly, President Riccobono let us know that there face mask available 

For sale in our Independence Market. 

State Convention: President Gaten informed the membership that our State convention will be October 22 through 25. Pre-registration is open on our affiliate website. www.nfbcal.org <http://www.nfbcal.org> . President Gaten stated that registration closes on October 15. We discussed door prizes and auction baskets to be donated at convention. The chapter voted to give two $20 gift cards as a door prize. The Chapter also passed a motion to donate an auction basket. Theme was At Home during the Pandemic. The chapter also passed a motion to contribute $200 to the State affiliate.  

State convention voting procedure: Robert S, explained that because we were virtual this year at convention, that our State President Tim Elder has written 

A document explaining the voting procedure for this year’s convention. This document will be read and passed by the Board of Directors at our annual in-person Board meeting. Each local chapter president and State division president were asked to appoint a delicate and an alternate delicate. President Cathy Gaten will serve as delicate and Jeanette Torres will serve as alternate delicate. 

Chapter Elections: The Chapter held elections at our October 


And here are the results.

President: Cathy Gaten 

Vice-President: Tina Thomas 

Secretary: Lauren Merryfield 

Treasurer: Carmen Weatherly 

Board Member: Toby Wiseman 

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM. 

Respectively submitted by: Tina Thomas-Secretary        




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