[Nfbc-info] regarding if hter is an itnest in quickbook i have a script writer out he who will develop scripts for quickbooks the needs to be a really great number of itnerst for the product

gary melconian garymelc at msn.com
Sat Nov 1 01:27:21 UTC 2008

Hello the nfb list I have gotten a scrip writer to JAWS and he has  a
contact in intuit that he has talked to and he is willing to develop scripts
for Quickbooks. He needs to have at least a good number of interest since it
is going  to take him a bit of time to develop the scripts. I need  to have
those interested reply to my other eemail since that  is how I communicate
with him. My other  email address is globcastcapital at gmail.com. If I can
have at least 10 to 30people interested in the product then it will get him
roling on the development an the  greater the better. Please do the justice
it deserves get intuit product accessible to the blind  and open up the
closed barrio to accessibility that Intuit has put in front of us. 

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