[Nfbc-info] regarding if hter is an itnest in quickbook i have ascript writer out he who will develop scripts for quickbooksthe needs to be a really great number of itnerst for the product

gary melconian garymelc at msn.com
Sat Nov 1 04:48:26 UTC 2008

Hello the products atht intuit offers are primarly accountint and tax and
financial management. The person is only going ot start the process on
quickbooks ffor those interested contact me at my alternative email address
at globcastcapital at gmail.com. the fact aht intuit is willing ot get heir
product accessible. The demand is for Quickbooks at first but I am hoping
for other applications a well. he will only develop if he ris a serious
demand forh te resource. Since he is also busy as a programmer you have to
understand the circumstances it will be for JAWs primarly andthen I am
hoping ot take on the project from their after I learn from him. That is all
I can say and not more than that. 

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