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Here is an opportunity to recognize someone who makes a difference 
AND earn $100,000 for a deserving non-profit!

Type: Foundations
Agency: Reader's Digest Foundation
Program: Reader's Digest Foundation "Make it matter"
Eligibility: Non-profit organizations

Purpose: Make it Matter" is a new initiative of the Reader's Digest 
Foundation. The Foundation will give away $1 million to nonprofit 
organizations based on inspiring stories submitted by the public.

Every month for ten months, Reader's Digest will choose one 
individual whose story of giving back serves as an inspiration to 
others. For each story, the Reader's Digest Foundation will donate 
$100,000 to a nonprofit organization that is associated either with 
the story or the cause. These individuals and their stories of giving 
back will appear every month in the new "Make it Matter" column in 
Reader's Digest and on rd.com, beginning with the April issue.

      Name: N/A
      Deadline: January 01, 2009
      Maximum Award: $100,000 per month
      Number Of Awards: 10
      Period: over 10 months 4/08-1/09

More Information:

Know anyone making an extraordinary contribution to your community? 
As announced on The Today Show, tell the Reader's Digest Foundation 
about them, and the story selected by RDF may be featured in Reader's 
Digest. Plus, RDF will give $100,000 to a deserving charity in their 
name. Your stories may also appear on 
<http://www.todayshow.com/>todayshow.com or 
<http://www.rd.com/>rd.com. So tell us about the good works below -- 
or email your story to <mailto:makeitmatter at rd.com>makeitmatter at rd.com!


Kim Moccia
Minnesota STAR Program
358 Centennial Office Bldg
658 Cedar Street
Saint Paul, MN  55155

651-201-2297 (direct dial)
651-282-6671 (fax)

Email: kim.moccia at state.mn.us
Web site: www.starprogram.state.mn.us

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