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Now that the election is behind us and autumn is in full swing, NFB's 
Performing Arts Division would like to ask for your help with two 
projects.  First, we're seeking high quality, candid photos (JPEG) of 
young blind entertainers (amateurs or professionals) doing their 
thing to use in brochures and the like.  Send them to PAD's Head of 
Media Relations Donna Hill:

<mailto:dwhill at epix.net>dwhill at epix.net

Second, we strongly encourage all blind entertainers to participate 
in our survey.  The blurb is below.  The link, if you just want to go 
check it out is: 
Thanks for your help, Donna


Do you know that there hasn't been a new blind, American superstar 
since Stevie Wonder & Jose Feliciano?  And, if asked to name famous 
blind women, most of us can only think of Helen Keller, who died over 
fifty years ago.  .  Since a strong media presence is helping other 
minorities, the nonprofit Performing Arts Division (PAD) of the 
National Federation of the Blind (NFB), seeks to assist blind people 
pursuing performing arts related goals.  We want to learn more about 
the experiences of blind and visually impaired entertainers.

Who should participate in the survey? Anyone who is blind or has a 
severe visual impairment who has ever sought to develop their 
performing arts skills as an amateur or professional. This includes 
musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, broadcasters, sound engineers 
and the like. Whether or not you are a member of PAD of the NFB, 
whether or not you have been successful, whether or not you are still 
pursuing your art, we want to hear your experiences and thoughts.

PAD offers scholarships to blind students majoring in the performing 
arts, funded through the sale of "Sound in Sight" a cross-genre 
compilation of eighteen tracks donated by blind recording artists.

Help us better serve America's blind entertainers.  New blind stars 
will rise and shed light on issues affecting all blind Americans, 
such as seventy percent unemployment and only ten percent Braille 
literacy among blind kids.

Take the survey at


or download a Word Doc at:


and send to me at:

  <mailto:dwhill at epix.net>dwhill at epix.net

Let me know, if you would prefer that a Word Doc be sent to you via e mail.


Donna Hill, Head of Media Relations

Performing Arts Division, National Federation of the Blind


<mailto:dwhill at epix.net>dwhill at epix.net

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