[Nfbc-info] Target Settlement Procedures

Bryan Bashin bashin at calweb.com
Mon Nov 10 08:13:19 UTC 2008

Hi Mary,

As you know, through efforts of California and other Federationists 
we've won an enormous victory in the Target web accessibility 
settlement.  Some $6 million are set aside in trust for blind 
Californians who can attest that they were unable to use the Target 
website, with settlements in the $3,000 to $6,000 range per 
individual being quoted.

I know after some future date if blind Californians don't file a 
claim they will be left out of the settlment, and the remainder of 
unclaimed money will go not to individuals but two large blind 
agencies, not the NFBC.

Can you give affiliate members some guidance about how practically to 
proceed, when are relevant deadlines, and if there is someone within 
our affiliate who will have the expertise to help others obtain their claim?



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