[Nfbc-info] Target Settlement Procedures

Michael Peterson its_mike at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 10 20:22:46 UTC 2008

    Hi Tim one real big problem with this although I did file and believe my 
application has merit.  When I was using target in 2003 through 2006 
especially, it never occurred to me that a target lawsuit was even probable. 
I went to target all the time entering or trying to enter sweepstakesand 
don't remember all the times I may have tried to order there.
 I went to lots of sites and lots of them had problems remembering exact 
dates when you expect nothing to come of it well that's tricky if you use 
the computer a lot and go to lots of sites and many have problems.
IF your like me you try to figure out work arrounds.
Fortunately or unfortunately though one particular date does come to mind 
when I bought Terra a bike for her birthday.  I was switched from Amazon to 
target and because I couldn't use the screen I had to have her come and 
visually put through the order.
So much for surprises.  Not to mention the bike a Schwen had problems with a 
broken brake and we kept calling the manufacturer who kept sending us the 
wrong replacement part. It did get fixed eventually but at a cost.
Good news is the problems we had is why I remember it.
prior to that I went to target in 2003 and 2004 might have had problems and 
I think I did complain to sweepstakes groups about target but I've changed 
computers and the one that could have had records I don't have for 2003 
anyway. and with vista I've done system restores and had to have a tech 
person totally restore one of the computers.
They should have records of my email address though.
Here's another problem and I think it's unfair to some of our members and 
NFB should do something to change that law.
Those on SSI get punished.  If it's determined you used the target site and 
are entitled to money for an injustice which could help motivate business to 
be better as an SSI recipient who wins the $3,000 to $7,000 settlement you 
forfeit your entitlement which your living on.
That includes possibley your medical.
All this does is benefit blind agencies who get the money because the 
average Joe can't afford to take the settlement.
So it's only a partial win for the individual.
Atorneys benefit, Blind agencies benefit, working blind folks and even those 
on SSDI can benefit but if your on SSI your like a black sheep because that 
program views its self as charity. This could be a fairly large number with 
a 70% unemployment rate!

Truth is SSI is   not as charitable as it proports to be because if someone 
gets a small break it kicks them down whether through a marriage penalty or 
a legal settlement.
Maybe President Obama will change this viewpoint because it really is time 
for a change.
I know we have lots more important things like silent cars and college 
textbooks accessability etc at least more important to the majority of 
unaffected folksbut when we're doing trillion dollar bail outs to wall 
street, mortgage bail outs to overspending main street, it seems all most 
hypocritical that the same kind of mercy can't be extended to SSI recipients 
never mind the fact that the marriage penalty actually encourages 
cohabitation and discourages marriage to prevent the penalty in a society 
that claims marriage is a primary and Holy union.
 Those of us who agree if necessary take the penalty just as those college 
students who win scholarships and don't jump through the hoop in the exact 
prescribed way have to be punished for receiving a scholarship.  Somehow 
because of the confusing nature of the law Scholarship recipients who can 
prove the money paid them was a scholarship should be able to appeal and be 
reimbursed for the cost.
In the same vein people receiving a stipen for medical research that could 
benefit us all will be penalized so the government in affect discourages 
people who could help reduce medical problems who happen to live on SSI from 
stepping up to the plate and participating in studies.  Some pay hundreds 
others pay thousands but believe me I participated in a major study and 
wasn't on SSI thank God but had I been I'd been cut off immediately.
But the study called for lots of record keeping at home medical checks and a 
30 day stay in a hospital so they could observe sleep paterns.
It was work.
It was also public service which should be encouraged not penalized.

That's my opinion anyway whatever it's worth.
Sorry about the email  length.

Mike Peterson

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> Hi Brian,
> People have to satisfy three conditions in order to get any money through 
> a
> claim.  First, they need to have used a screen reader to visit Target.com
> within the relevant time period.  (I'm not exactly sure on the window, but
> it starts in 2003 and ends sometime in 2008)  Second, they need to have 
> been
> a legal California resident when they visited the Target.com website using
> the screen reader.  Third, they need to have been legally blind when they
> used the screen reader to access the Target.com website.  The claims are
> subject to verification by a claims administrator and people submit claims
> under penalty of perjury.  So, if you've never been to the website, you
> shouldn't lie.  The claims form asks you approximate dates that you 
> visited
> the website.
> The deadline is January 2009.  It should also be noted that the 
> settlements
> will be reduced pro rata if too many people file claims.  Since most 
> people
> who visited the website will probably qualify for $7,000 worth of claim
> money, you can do the math and see that 1,000 claims filed would exceed 
> the
> 6 million fund.
> Qualified persons should go to nfbtargetlawsuit.com to file a claim 
> online.
> Regards,
> Tim
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> Hi Mary,
> As you know, through efforts of California and other Federationists we've
> won an enormous victory in the Target web accessibility settlement.  Some 
> $6
> million are set aside in trust for blind Californians who can attest that
> they were unable to use the Target website, with settlements in the $3,000
> to $6,000 range per individual being quoted.
> I know after some future date if blind Californians don't file a claim 
> they
> will be left out of the settlment, and the remainder of unclaimed money 
> will
> go not to individuals but two large blind agencies, not the NFBC.
> Can you give affiliate members some guidance about how practically to
> proceed, when are relevant deadlines, and if there is someone within our
> affiliate who will have the expertise to help others obtain their claim?
> Thanks,
> Bryan
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