[Nfbc-info] FW: NFB v. Target Class Action Claim Filing

nlibre at gmail.com nlibre at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 19:39:42 UTC 2008

I just received the following e-mail.  I would encourage all our blind
members to go the Target website and if you encounter barriers while using
screen reading software, make sure you file a claim.





From: User, NFBTarget [mailto:NFBTarget at rg2claims.com] 
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 7:18 AM
To: User, NFBTarget
Subject: NFB v. Target Class Action Claim Filing


Thank you for submitting your claim in the NFB v. Target website access
settlement. Would you consider helping to spread the news of this settlement
to others who may also be eligible to submit a claim?  If so, please forward
this email to other individuals with vision disabilities in California.


Attention:   blind and low vision web users in California.  If you have a
vision disability and use screen access software, you have the chance to
share in a damages settlement concerning access to Target Corporation’s
website. All you have to do is reside in California and have tried to access
www.target.com <http://www.target.com/>  or attempt to access www.target.com
<http://www.target.com/>  by December 9th and experience one or more
barriers on the site.   You can then file a claim at
www.nfbtargetlawsuit.com <http://www.nfbtargetlawsuit.com/>  (click on the
top most link to file a claim). By filing a claim you may be eligible for up
to $7,000. Claims need to be submitted by January 8, 2009 to be valid.  If
you have any questions,  please feel free to contact plaintiffs’ attorneys
at Disability Rights Advocates  www.dralegal.org 


Thank you, 


Claims Administrator

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