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I have been asked to circulate the following:

David Andrews

New book on sudden sight loss can benefit NFB

Suddenly Blind Adult (SBA), Suddenly Disabled Adult (SDA), and Suddenly Ill
Adult (SIA) Survivor's Guide: The Emancipation Proclamation for Independent
Living, copyright 2008, Scott Wendell Bray, Ph.D., is a witty, realistic,
practical, and understanding book for individuals who must face blindness in
an instant.  Reviews on the book have been positive and the Kirkus Discovery
Review is located below.

Dr. Bray has offered to donate 50% of the royalties for each book ordered by
a NFB member or affiliate member, to the NFB. As Christmas giving draws our
thoughts, a book purchase can both assist a loved one and help the NFB.

The book may be purchased by:

First: Entering on the Amazon.Com link and ordering on-line for the daily
purchase price of $15;

Second: Downloading the book at the book website at
www.suddenlyblindadult.org or www.suddenlyinjuredadult.org and downloading
the book for $10 (with $5.00 going to the NFB);

Third: To receive as a email attachment, sending email address and a check
or money order for $10 (NFB gets $5) to:

Suddenly Blind Adult
Trust Department
First National Bank
PO BOX 2380
Las Cruces, NM 88004-2380 or

Fourth: For fund raising projects and bulk orders, contacting the author at
DrScottBray at suddenlyinjuredadult.org

The author royalties are usually 35% of each book sold on Amazon.Com, but
are 100% of all downloads or emailed copies.

Dr. Scott Bray lost his vision in a head-on auto accident, which killed his
young son and welcomed him into the blind fraternity.  He is the author of
numerous articles on social justice and educational issues. He has been
involved in rehabilitation and educational work most of his career.
 "This book may amuse most blind persons," noted Bray. "However, for those
suddenly cast into blindness, living alone or without strong social support,
it may prove instructive, motivational, and inspiring."

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The following is the official review of Dr. Bray's book from Kirkus

Download the original Book Review here:

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A guide to not just coping, but living in the wake of a sudden catastrophic

Bray, who operates a healing ministry in Arizona and experienced an accident
years ago in which he lost his sight, is a testament to St. Barton's ode: "I
am hurt, but I am not slain. I will lie me down and bleed awhile, then I
will rise up and fight again." In a voice that is businesslike, but still
he advocates for maintaining one's independence and decision-making
authority in the face of disability, plowing through the trauma, humiliation
and embarrassment
that a sudden change in your physical health entails. Bray's advice is
sprinkled with nondenominational Christianity and leavened with humor: "This
cannot and will not diminish the absolute hell of a suddenly blind
individual, but if in hell, why not bring an air conditioner and try to beat
the devil
at his own game." The author's mantra is that a person will only be
victimized if he or she plays the role of a victim. Bray advises those
living with
disabilities to follow his brass-tacks listing of commandments, including
warnings, reminders and rules: how to secure mobility ("develop the right
by never looking at the ground while traveling. Since the [suddenly blind]
can't see it anyway, it doesn't make sense to look down"), tap into the
available for higher education, deal with finances and organize a kitchen
and cook. The author wants the suddenly disabled to be their own masters and
delegate any personal authority only as a last resort, while taking full
advantage of the laws assisting persons with disabilities, and the panoply
community resources at their disposal. Much of the book covers optimizing
use of the computer for entertainment and information, and it closes with a
segment on physical fitness. The author spells out each of his prescriptions
in aching detail, leaving no issue unexplored.

Thoroughly encouraging and, best of all, entirely practical.

Kirkus Discoveries, Nielsen Business Media, 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
discoveries at kirkusreviews.com

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COPYRIGHT © National Center for the Suddenly Injured Adult, 2008

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