[Nfbc-info] Get well Diane

Brian Buhrow buhrow at lothlorien.nfbcal.org
Mon Aug 31 07:14:50 UTC 2009

	Hello.  Just in case you have trouble finding the article, because the
search function on the Bee's site doesn't actually seem to work in terms of
bringing up the correct link to the entire article, here it is.
	Our thoughts and prayers go out to Diane for a quick and full
recovery.  This kind of attack is awful, and 


August 29, 2009

   Suspect arrested in assault on blind woman at bus stop

   Bee Staff

   A blind woman waiting for a bus was beaten and her purse stolen, but a
   suspect   was   arrested  shortly  after  the  assault,  according  to
   Sacramento police.

   The  victim  was  knocked unconscious in the attack at about 5:10 p.m.
   Friday in the 2500 block of Franklin Boulevard, police said.

   The  50-year-old  blind victim was sitting at the bus stop waiting for
   the  bus  when a suspect came up from behind her and struck her in the
   head with a large log, police said.

   A  passer-by  witnessed  the  attack  and  followed  the suspect as he
   continued east on Second Avenue, police said.

   The  witness  led  officers  to  the  suspect.  Joseph  Webb,  39, was

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