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Eric Holm ericholm at att.net
Mon Dec 7 19:18:16 UTC 2009

Fellow Californians,


As President of the San Francisco Chapter of the NFBC, I want to let
everyone know of our chapter's amazing Fund Raiser and Holiday Party. In
cooperation with A.G. Ferrari Foods, we held a wine and cheese tasting at
their establishment on Mission Street in San Francisco. I want to thank A.G.
Ferrari, volunteers from the LightHouse of San Francisco, and those NFBC
members that made the trek into the City for the event. We had a blast, and
welcomed around 50 people to the party. 


A.G. Ferrari was extremely generous through out the entire process. They
donated the use of their establishment for two hours on a Saturday
afternoon; serving wine and cheese tastings to guests (they also donated the
wine and cheese). The store allowed us to charge an admission at the door
for all patrons. Inside we held both a raffle and auction. We raffled and
auctioned items that chapter members had worked to get donated by Bay Area
merchants. Additionally, A.G. Ferrari contributed 10% of their sales, during
our two hour event, to the Chapter. 


This event was an incredible success. As President, I am proud to make this
report to the Affiliate. I want to personally congratulate the entire San
Francisco Chapter for a job well done. This event was a culmination of
months of hard work on the part of many members. The success of this event
is a testament to how successful the Federation can be in bringing people
together and raising money for our Chapter's work. 


I am excited about what the future holds for the San Francisco Chapter! Stay
tuned for future events and activities. If you know anyone in the San
Francisco Area interested in getting involved, please feel free to send them
my way. 


All My Best-


Eric Holm 



ericholm at att.net 



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