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In order to better communicate with our subscribers, NFB-NEWSLINE is 
now on Twitter.  Our posts, or "Tweets," which come out on a weekly 
basis generally, advise subscribers of new publications added and new 
features or system enhancements, such as the ability with 
NFB-NEWSLINE Online to view publications on our Web site or download 
them to your digital talking-book player.  Occasionally we also post 
Tweets that bring attention to interesting articles that we feel 
subscribers might enjoy.  If you would like to follow us, please 
For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter, it is a social networking 
site that consists of "microblogs," time- or topic-sensitive posts 
that are 140 characters or less.  You may read our tweets on the Web 
or use one of many available Twitter clients, most of which are free to use.

A podcast, called "Twitter from a Blindness Perspective," is 
available at <http://www.blindcooltech.com/>www.blindcooltech.com and 
may be of help in learning more about the service.

Below is a sampling of clients available:

McTwit is a free, open-source desktop client for Twitter.com.  The 
program is designed with productivity of keyboard users in 
mind.  Additionally, if the JAWS, System Access, or Window-Eyes 
screen reader is active, some information is conveyed efficiently 
through direct speech messages.  This client is available at 
<http://www.mctwit.com/>www.mctwit.com.  A more complete introduction 
to this client may be found at 

TwInbox: Formerly known as outTwit, this add-in to Microsoft Outlook 
2003 or 2007 provides a method of integrating Twitter into your 
e-mail system.  Tweets can be displayed in your Inbox or a designated 
folder.  Outlook commands for Reply and Reply to All can be used to 
reply to messages as private, direct, messages or replies can be sent 
to the "timeline."  Tweets can be manipulated and stored just like 
any other Outlook item.  The advantage of this client, for those 
users who routinely have their e-mail open all day, is that it brings 
the Twitter experience into an application with which you are already 
familiar.  TwInbox is available from Techhit at 
<http://www.techhit.com/>http://www.techhit.com.  Further information 
on this client is available at 

Twittelator PRO is a low-cost application for the iPhone that allows 
you to utilize most Twitter functions, including the managing of 
multiple accounts.  Twittelator Pro also offers a search feature, the 
ability to post shortened URLs, and the ability to differentiate 
direct messages from ordinary tweets.  Visit 
for more information and downloading instructions.

Qwitter: This client, mainly designed for use by the blind, provides 
a number of interesting features that make it appealing to power 
users.  The program runs in the background and checks for new tweets 
at specified intervals, and keyboard commands are then used to review 
the new messages.  Qwitter provides access to its interface from 
anywhere in the operating system, making it unnecessary to leave your 
current task to access new tweets.  Qwitter presents different tweets 
in "buffers," which provide a way for you to access your timeline 
(showing all the messages from people you follow), replies (showing 
all messages with your @username in them), direct messages (messages 
sent privately to you), and sent (displaying messages you have 
sent).  Additionally, Qwitter provides the ability to define search 
buffers, which will search the Twitter public timeline for a 
designated string and present them to you.  The Qwitter client 
supports speech output directly to your screen access program, or 
uses a SAPI voice if no speech software is running.  This program is 
available from 
<http://www.qwitter-client.net/>http://www.qwitter-client.net.  You 
can become more familiar with this client by accessing a podcast on 
the subject at 

Tweets60 is a free Twitter client for Nokia S60 smartphones, and is 
compatible with the Talks screen reader.  Tweets60 is the first free 
native Twitter application for Nokia S60, providing a simple and 
accessible way to manage your Twitter account on the go, providing 
access to most standard Twitter functionality on the move.  Once 
installed Tweets60 is accessed through the application tab on your 
menu and will automatically connect to your Twitter account, showing 
you new tweets, direct messages, and your latest updates.  You can 
then change your status, read the tweets of people you follow, 
re-tweet, and manage who you follow.  You can even leave Tweets60 
running in the background and it will automatically update.  You may 
download this client from <http://www.tweets60.com/>http://www.tweets60.com.

Jawter is a tool that essentially turns your screen reader into a 
Twitter client and allows you to use Twitter with a minimum of 
fuss.  You simply install it, set it up, and read your Twitter 
updates with hot keys that work anywhere in windows, wherever you 
are, and whatever you're doing.  Your tweets can be navigated from 
within the screen reader, then there's no need to go launching 
separate programs just to see what your friends are saying.  This 
client may be downloaded from: 
Blind Cool Tech has a podcast you can listen to in order to learn 
more about Jawter, available at 

Twitterrific is a free application created for Mac users that lets 
you both read and publish posts or "tweets" to the Twitter community 
Web site.  The application's user interface is clean, concise, and 
designed to take up a minimum of real estate on your Mac's 
desktop.  You may access the download by visiting 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 
<mailto:nfbnewsline at nfb.org>nfbnewsline at nfb.org.

 From the NFB-NEWSLINE Team

Renee West

Manager, Marketing and Outreach

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