[Nfbc-info] Ca Subway lawsuit settlement claim form problematic for blind consumers

Michael Peterson its_mike at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 23 15:23:42 UTC 2009

Note this is what I sent to Subway's technical support team along with necessary contact information at the bottom.
Hello. My name is michael Peterson.  I just visited your site in order to claim my
subway gift card.  I live in California and visit subway a lot, in fact just visited
our local subway Saturday evening with my wife and a friend. I just learned about
this settlement and tried to claim my $2 gift card.
 I couldn't submit the claim form and time is of the essence as only a limited number
of claimantws can acquire the gift card.
The reason the form wouldn't submit is it has a security feature that requires typing
in a code.
from what I could see subway has no voice captche so a visually impaired person could
access the code
 in order to file a claim.
  The problem is screen readers window-eyes produced by Gwmicro
 or Jaws for windows produced by freedom scientific
can not read images, these are the screen readers most widely used by blind individuals.
There are other readers but they can't read the images either!
Therefore,  blind people without sighted assistance can not claim the gift cards.
This is additionally unfair because even if a blind person writes to your tech support
the number of cards is limited and we are placed at a disadvantage.
The early bird in this case may or may not get the worm.
Please help by fixing this problem.
Michael Peterson

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