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A judge signed a cvourt order agreeing to the terms of the settlement. 
However, court orders only apply to that particular case and do not set a 
legal precedent. This concern was raised and discussed on the NFB blindlaw 
mailing list. I will try and find the actual text of the terms of the 
settlement and post the relevant parts later.
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> Chuck,
> Wasn't the target case decided by a court order? If so, regardless
> of how that order came about, didn't the judge set a president when she
> handed it down. Please enlighten me, this legal stuff makes my head spin.
> Thanks
> Angela Fowler
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> Hi All,
> I am new to this list. There is something that needs to be clarified. The
> NFB v. Target Law suit was settled due to an out-of-court settlement that
> was reached through negotiations. In those negotiations the Target
> Corporation never admitted to any wrongdoing although they agreed to the
> terms of the settlement. Due to the fact that these negotiations were
> reached without a trial of fact there is no precedent set by this
> settlement. As a result unfortunately there are no ramifications for any
> other companies. This is standard legal procedure when an out-of-court
> settlement is reached and this is one of the drawbacks to settling cases
> before a full trial. The only hope is to possibly negotiate with other
> companies for web accessibility compliance or to encourage another law 
> suit
> against another web site for similar reasons.
> Chuck Krugman, M.S.W., Paralegal
> 1237 P Street
> Fresno ca 93721
> 559-266-9237
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> Subject: [Nfbc-info] Blingo follow up just sent
>> Hi all. I still haven't heard from blingo concerning my fourth $5
>> amazon prize.
>> I sent them the following email this morning.
>> I won another $15 on winzy recently so if this continues and I get all
>> my prizes I can buy a camcorder for my classes because they require us
>> to send in video interviews.
>> I might have to rent a camcorder this week because the firstinterview
>> is due next week.
>> But like scholarships amazon gift cards sometimes buy needed stuff.
>> And this is just the beginning practimI still have the advanced
>> practim and not sure if other uper level grad courses will require video
> tapes.
>> But this is distance education so it's not like I can go to my local
>> study lab and borrow a camcorder.
>> If anyone knows which camcorders are easiest to use and record ontoe
>> dvd or vhs and aren't to expensive  please let me know.
>> Back to the matter at hand I degressed and most of you can stop
>> reading at my next signature because below that is what I wrote to the
>> list concerning my target question Mike Peterson
>> Hello. I am Michael Peterson its_mike at sbcglobal.net. I won a prize a
>> choice of a fandango movie ticket or an amazon gift cert and this
>> would be my fourth prize as you can see below you have recorded three
> prizes.
>> You have won 3 prizes since you registered on 3/30/05.
>> Prize
>> Won
>> Status
>> $5 Amazon.com Gift Card
>> 6/1/08
>> get it now
>> $5 Amazon.com Gift Card
>> 12/24/07
>> get it now
>> $5 Amazon.com Gift Card
>> 10/19/07
>> get it now
>> Unlike the prior times being blind I didn't have someone to read the
>> special code so I contacted you at least twice once that night and
>> once the following wednesday.
>> Because there was a major accessability lawsuit concerning
>> accessability I wrote to the national Federation of the blind.  I
>> don't want to Sue blingo or pch but I do want to be able to continue
>> winning prizes. I purchase from PCH all the time. Perhaps my inquiry
>> letter can help you get the site made more accessible. I am sure I can
>> assist with connecting you with the technology committee and we can help
> in providing feed back.
>> Here is what I wrote just below signature.
>> Pleas help.
>> Michael Peterson
>> Ramifications of the target lawsuit
>> Hi all.  Because I am in to sweepstakes and because sometimes I like
>> there deals I often use the publisher's clearinghouse website.
>> I order sometimes through them sometimes via their email sometimes
>> through the mail and more often just play the search and win game at
>> pch and blingo.
>> In fact I've won $15 from blingo.
>> Here's the problem.
>> Many of the pch games are inaccessible but even the ones that are
>> aren't accessible when you win.
>> In the past Terra read me the code to claim my prizes but her glacoma
>> has gotten worse and the site has changed it's background.
>> Last saturday night she couldn't read it so I wrote to Blingo
>> immediately and on Wednesday morning about this time.
>> still no answer and still no prize.
>> I wrote them again explaining the problem and received the same your
>> message is being reviewed.
>> Still no answer yet.  And, in the meantime some people I know in
>> sweepstakes groups won and claimed the same prize.
>> BTW those prizes are instant because they are amazon gift certs but if
>> you win a bigger prize like a flat screen tv  a dell lap top etc I
>> guess they ship to you.
>> PCH allows you 25 searches a day on each site and the first search
>> enters you in the $5,000 a week for life sweep.
>> If it were just a sweep I wouldn't be asking most likely but because
>> like target publishers clearinghous sells products online in volume
>> are their actions covered?
>> Thanks
>> Michael peterson
>> _________________________________________Followup addendem I forgot to
>> mention just about every day PCH (publishers clearinghouse, sends me
>> an email.
>> It is very similar to the mail version you look through their stuff
>> and order if you like or just submit for entry but sometimes like two
>> days ago I was sent an email where a gold seal or something had to be
>> transferred.  To order you had to move that seal Terra couldn't see it
>> and I couldn't find it using the screen reader after reading countless
>> times through four pages of products.
>> Even had I just wanted to order using that email I couldn't do it.
>> That's a hit and miss not every email just spiradically inaccessible.
>> Something I never complained about because at least it's a whole lot
>> more accessible than those big print envelopes with the gold ticket
>> and the transer stamps that made relatives and friends run away in
>> fear every time they saw me.
>> But still, more accessible isn't truly accessible.
>> Mike/www.nfbnet.org/mailman/options/nfbc-
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