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attached you will find the decisions rendered and published by Honorable Judge Patel concerning Target vs.. NFB.  It turns out that she published both decisions.  These decisions are what set the legal precedence, not the actual settlement.  

If you have encountered inaccessible websites the Disability Rights Advocates would like to hear from you.  The NFB partnered with the Disability Rights Advocates in the Target case.  The kinds of sites they are interested in hearing about are ones that affect job opportunities, education or commerce, not so much entertainment as of now.  

As an consumer organization, we in the NFB, can now consider expanding case law concerning web accessibility.  The caveat is that it is not our policy nor desire to become sue happy, but rather to increase accessibility to all.  So, please use discretion when suggesting potential sites to investigate!  

Also, an update for everyone on Facebook.  A pre-litigation letter has been sent them, and they seem to be willing to talk.  It is standard policy, of the NFB and Disability Rights Advocates, when approaching companies, to negotiate before bringing a law suit.  

To contact the Disability Rights Advocates law office you may call: 510.665.3719

Thanks and I hope you find this information helpful.  If you have questions, feel free to write me on or off list.  My email address is:  bjsexton at comcast.net 

Best Regards,
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