[Nfbc-info] NFBC SF Chapter pin fundraiser

jktomasell at aol.com jktomasell at aol.com
Mon Jul 20 13:06:46 CDT 2009


    The San Francisco Chapter of the NFBC is selling a very cool and 
creative tactile lapel pin as a fundraiser for the chapter.  The pin is 
made up of the Golden Gate Bridge with the who’s it mascot walking 
across the bridge from right to left.  On the bottom right hand corner 
of the pin it says San Francisco in Braille.  The length of the lapel 
pin is 1.25 inches in length.  The pins cost $5 per pin.  If you would 
like to purchase a pin either come to our next San Francisco Chapter 
meeting on August 15th. From 1-3 pm. At the SF Lighthouse to purchase a 
pin and check out what the SF chapter is doing.  Or let the SF chapter 
know how many you as an individual and/or chapter would like to 
purchase and we can mail them to individuals and/or chapter presidents 
in the affiliate.  If so, it will be $5 per pin + the cost of shipping. 
  We hope that many will purchase this awesome pin from the San 
Francisco chapter especially since the Golden Gate bridge is such a 
famous and historical landmark in California.

Jaime Tomasello, Secretary of the San Francisco Chapter of the NFBC

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