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March for Independence
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            Registration Information
            March for Independence
            We have been receiving a number of calls regarding registering for the March for Independence and registering for national convention.  March registration and convention registration are two completely separate actions.  
              Important points to remember:

              1.  If you are registered to participate in the March event, you are not automatically registered for convention.  To pre-register for convention go to NFB.org and fill out the online pre-registration form.

              2.  If you are registered for convention, you are not automatically signed up for the March.  To register to walk in the March for Independence walk-a-thon event held in conjunction with our national convention, go to the March for Independence Web site. (There is NO fee to register to participate, although our hope is that everyone who signs up to walk will try to raise a minimum of $250.)  

              3.  If you were registered for the March last year, you were not automatically registered for this year's event. People who received gifts after August 1, 2008, or who registered themselves, or who asked to be registered--are registered.  

            If you want to see whether you are registered, or if you would like to register for the March for Independence, e-mail the outreach office .  

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