[Nfbc-info] regarding a question about etext for courses for certifications

gary melconian garymelc at msn.com
Wed Mar 25 06:10:05 UTC 2009

Hello to the list . I would like to know how I would cgo about acquiring e
texts for review courses  in preparing for certification since RFBD, or
resources do not hav them available in e text formats. i would like to
prepare for  4 certifications CPA, CFE, CMA, and CFA, and all of these
certification review courses are available through Gleim and Weilly but I am
not sure how I can get them to assist me in providing me the review
materials  in e text format. I would appreciate some help on this one soon
since I plan on taking  the exams  and would need to prepare  for them for
the upcoming year and following years. I would truly appreciate a prompt
response to my inquiry. 

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