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Ivan is a friend I met (of course!) at the National Convention, and I am thrilled to share his accomplishment with all of you...check it out!  Victoria



Bud Publishing Company
40 Washington Avenue PMB 214 Bremerton, Washington 98337
Voice (360) 731-9782 Fax (360) 782-9575*51

            Bud Publishing Company is pleased to introduce an author who is new to publishing.  He has been writing for twenty years as a technical writer on the job.  Our newest author is Ivan E Weich of Bremerton, Washington.
With this introduction, we are announcing the release of his first novel: The Bloody Shield.   It is a about  the anatomy of homicide investigations and the fictional life of a homicide detective.
In this novel, Mr. Weich tells the fictional story of John West, a police patrol sergeant who is promoted to a homicide team leader.  He takes you inside the Homicide Division of one of America’s finest cities.  It is an in-depth look into the life of a detective that is far more exciting life than that of Sergeant John West.
The story begins with a look at a serial murderer through the eyes of a murder victim.  The novel has detail description including: coroner reports, teletype replies from law enforcement agencies, interviews, interrogations, and consultations.  With a total of 11 Chapters, complete with subplots, this novel makes a great substitution for a police ride-along because most of the subplots are other homicides that come up while on call.  A ride-along with homicide detectives is not usually authorized for the public.
Mr. Weich brings out the drama in his own style like the great writers of Sergeant Joe Friday, Lenny Brisco and Doctor Quincy.  Mr. Weich worked in the San Diego Police Department as a Volunteer in Police (VIP).  During his tour, Mr. Weich worked closely with various detectives. Mr. Weich also worked as a Security Agent for a busy urban shopping center.  His last supervisor was a retired homicide detective where he gained insight and discovery techniques as a detective.  Mr. Weich obtained a two year degree in Administration of Justice.  He also attended a police reserve academy.  
The novel will be available through Amazon.com by April 5, 2009 with release to other online distributors by April 15, 2009.
Bud Publishing Company specializes in fictional stories of Law and Justice.  For more information on Bud Publishing Company or to learn more about our author, we invite you to visit our website at:www.budpublish.com   
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