[Nfbc-info] Good Going, River City!

Angela fowler fowlers at syix.com
Sat May 2 23:39:06 UTC 2009

Dear Californians,
    Just wanted to let everyone know that the River City chapter was the
first to sign the Myspace Accessibility petition and get their signatures to
me. Sacramento folks are on the ball!! Bravo guys! 
    For those chapters who have not signed the petition yet, just print out
the petition and the accompanying sign up sheet, take them to your chapter
meeting and pass them around, and them mail them to the address listed in
the email. If you need another electronic copy of the petition, the address,
or if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email me.
fowlers at syix.com
Thank you
Angela Fowler
fowlers at syix.com

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