[Nfbc-info] to regarding RFB&D and Victor stream

Eileen Misrahi eileenmis at dslextreme.com
Thu May 14 19:51:25 UTC 2009

Hi there:

I decided to plunge into the RFBD accessible downloads. However, it has
taken me over an hour (even talking with tech support) to still not be able
to open the DL book file. They have a RFBD Download Manager, which needs to
be installed on the computer that one is going to download the books to.
However, there is an activating window when opening it for the first time,
which never finishes the process. In addition, one needs to play the file
(book) with Media Player first to get a license. This is as far as I have
gotten with tech support. 

Now with my frustrations, I might just order the books on CD and transfer
them the old fashion way to the Victor Stream. My impression about the
person that was doing tech support was that she was not visually impaired or
blind. RFBD should be ashamed of not employing someone who is familiar with
AT equipment because it is the blind community who probably uses this site
the most. These are my two sense because of my frustrations with RFBD. The
accessible download concept is a good one, but RFBD has not completely
resolved issues of using it. 


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Hi all. I just got some RFB and D books via direct download.  Does anyone
know how to transferr them to my victor stream it doesn't seem to be as easy
as the bookshare was.
>From the CD it isn't a problem but from the download I can't get them to
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